Back on track?

I have been resting my achllles tendon for some time now, going to the gym and using the static bike and rower instead of running. Also doing some upper body strength training which I haven’t done since I started running. Last week I decided to try running again. I did a 5K jog on Thursday and a 6.4 K treadmill run yesterday.

So today I went out and did one of my Sunday morning 10K runs. It was a nice sunny morning, a bit chilly to start with but I soon warmed up. I had intended to monitor my heart rate and make it an easy run but I couldn’t get my Garmin to display my heart rate. It’s so long since I used it that my pre-set displays have been lost. So I I just ran by “feel” aiming to not be too out of breath. I’m not sure I managed that as there are a few hills on my run.

My legs and lungs objected for the first 10 minutes but eventually I got into a rythm and kept it going to my 5K turning point. Heading back I managed to push my pace up on the downhills. It felt good to be outside running again.


Speed or distance? (Who said both?)

The tendonitis is getting better and I am slowly increasing my running again. However I have been avoiding hills and inclines on the treadmill. I have also been running at a really easy pace and I know that I couldn’t run the times that I have been doing over the last few years.

Thing is, I was never really interested in times until I joined a running club a few years ago. Before that I was really only interested in maintaining a reasonable level of fitness that would allow me enjoy my hobbies (hillwalking and skiing) and spending time with my children walking and cycling. So I was really a gym person, an hour of CV and an hour of weight training three times a week. Trained for a half marathon once a year. But happy to do the distance with no time target.

I got out of training when I had some severe sciatica. Didn’t go to the gym for a year or so. I joined a running club as a way to get my fitness back a few years ago. Then it became all about pace and PBs. And all about running with not as much time for other forms of exercise. So not surprisingly I have run the fastest times of my life in the last few years (even though I am fiftysomething).

Now I am almost back at square one again and wondering where to take my training. Should I go back to chasing running PB’s? Will that strain my achilles again? Or should I concentrate on general fitness again? Possibly act my age?  All thoughts welcome.


Achilles Heel

It turns out that my Achilles Heel is just that – my heel. Insertional tendinitis according to the physio.

After resting for about 6 weeks it’s still the same. So now I am doing calf strengthening exercises and some short runs along with static bike and rower in the gym. But I still have heel pain on the day following exercise.

The physio says that rest isn’t the answer but the exercises don’t seem to be working either. If anyone has heard of or experienced this then I would be pleased to hear any suggestions.

I can run as the pain usually goes away but it comes back after resting or sitting and makes me feel old!


Back in gear (I think)

This week has been good for training so far. Did a gym session on Sunday including some weight training as well as treadmill work, hill work on Tuesday and another gym session tonight.

I intend to do some more hill work on Saturday and an easy 6 mile run on Sunday.

Hoping to build on this over the next 4 weeks to be ready for a 10K race.



Dread mill

As I have a 10K coming up soon I decided to go to the gym yesterday to run on a treadmill.  I managed to run 4 miles but didn’t feel great. I’m not sure if I’ve lost fitness or just can’t make myself run on the treadmill after running outside for so long. It’s a bit of a shame as I would like to start working out in the gym again without missing out on running time. Just isn’t enough hours in the week! Still it was good to do some running again.

10K here I come! 



I see a pattern emerging. Following a biggish race I rest for a few days and then have difficulty getting started again.

Same has happened after my last half marathon. Rested for a week. Started up again, then went on holiday. After holiday have had problems starting training again.

I have entered a 10K in four weeks time so will need to find some motivation soon!